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Ref. : RIVA_NGUYEN_ARCH2_272030


Légende : Yekaterinburg, Russia, February 21, 2012 - Chiefs of workers from industrial companies of the Ural region in the transsiberian train from Yekaterinburg to Moscow where they will attend a big pro-Putin meeting and demonstration scheduled for the 23d of February. Some industrial companies support Vladimir Putin for president for the next march 2012 presidential election. The company (among others) payed the tickets and catering for hundreds of it employees to attend Putin's meeting. Located in central Russia, city of Yekaterinburg, the 4th city in Russia and capital of the district of Sverdlovsk, the Ural region, is one of the main russian industrial region. PHOTO: Vincent NGUYEN / Riva Press

Photographe : Vincent Nguyen

Date : 21-02-2012


Région :

Pays : Russie

Mots-clés : campagne electorale, Ekaterinburg, Election Présidentielle, factory, Industrie, industry, Oural, ouvrier, Politics, Politique, press, presse, russe, russes, Russian, russians, Russie, Russie Unie, train, trans-siberian, transsiberien, travail, travailleur, United Russia, Ural, usine, work, worker, workers, Yekaterinburg