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Sumo stories - Fabrice Dimier

The best sumo wrestlers are considered half-gods. It's a long way trom the best sumo school clubs where  teenagers try to progress, to professional stamples and tournaments, until reaching the ultimate rank : Yokozuna. 

Nenets, nomadics at the edge of the world - Fabrice Dimier

The Nenets people have resisted sedentism for centuries. The reindeer herding nomads are the last guardians of a territory fiercely coveted by the gas industries.

2023-04 - Jerusalem - Lucien Lung

Images of Jerusalem. Palm Sunday, Christian Representatives and ramadan at Damascus Gate.

Le Journal du Dimanche - Vincent Boisot

Rebecca Marder and Nadia Tereszkiewicz

Le Monde - Lucien Lung

Investigation on farms in the West Bank used as a new weapon for colonization.

2023-02-18 - Tel Aviv protest agains judicial reform - Lucien Lung

Tens of thousands of Israelis are demonstrating on Saturday, February 18, in Tel Aviv, for the seventh week in a row, against the judicial reform carried out by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tel-Aviv, Israel. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press

2022-10 - Gaza - Lucien Lung

Crossing Gaza on foot, from North to South. October 3rd to 8th 2022. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press