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Zebu war in Madagascar - Rijasolo

World Press Photo 2022 Regional Winner, Africa, Long-Term Projects

Figaro Magazine - Vincent Boisot

The Ecole des Sables, a contemporary dance school in Toubab Dialaw, south of Dakar, founded in the 90s by the Franco-Senegalese choreographer and dancer Germaine Acogny, considered by some to be the "mother of African contemporary dance".

Le Temps - Lucien Lung

Antiivka village, outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Frédéric Pecharman - Vincent Nguyen

Portrait of Frédéric Pecharman, of the collective Homodonneur, an activist who fights for the rights for gay people to give their blood as well as any other blood donor.

2022-03-05 - Jerusalem Ukraine - Lucien Lung

Sofia, a Ukrainian woman settled in Israel, prays for "victims of war and brutality" at the Holy Sepulchre church amid tourists and onlookers. East Jerusalem, Israel, March 5 2022. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press