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assignment for La Croix - Vincent Nguyen

The last stage of the Psycyclette, a bike ride from le Mont Saint-Michel to Toulouse, with psychiatric patients, health workers and cyclotourists.

assignment for le Journal du Dimanche - Vincent Nguyen

Carole Delga, president of Région Occitanie

2021-10-23 - Olive harvest - Walaja village - Lucien Lung

A Palestinian family in the village of Walaja picks the season's olives from the few remaining olive trees on their land. In addition to the loss of territory as a result of the 1948 and 1967 conflicts, the village has seen in recent years the construction of settlements nearby and a separation wall built by Israel that has cut off part of its land and now almost entirely surrounds the village. West Bank, October 23, 2021. Lucien Lung / Riva-Press


2021-09-29 - Radio - La Quatre saison n'est pas qu'une pizza - Lucien Lung

Saskia de Ville, France Musique "La Quatre saison n'est pas qu'une pizza" show producer, and her show partner Christophe Chassol, musician, at the Theatre de l'Alliance francaise, Paris, September 29 2021. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press

Théâtre(s) Magazine - Lucien Lung

Robert Badinter, French lawyer, politician, and author who enacted the abolition of the death penalty in France in 1981.