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Légende : Paris, le 25 mars 2012 - Marche silencieuse a Paris contre le racisme et l'antisemitisme en reaction aux tueries de Mohamed Merah a Toulouse. PHOTO: Vincent NGUYEN / Riva Press ***
*** Paris, FRANCE, March 25, 2012 - People hold a yellow hand, symbol of association SOS Racisme reading: "No spring for racism", during a silent walk in Paris against racism, antisemitism and terrorism after the shootings of march 2012 in Toulouse in which Mohamed Merah killed 3 french soldiers and 4 jews including 3 children in front of Ozar Hatorah jewish school. PHOTO: Vincent NGUYEN / Riva Press

Photographe : Vincent Nguyen

Date : 25-03-2012

Ville : Paris

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : anti-racisme, anti-raciste, antisemitism, antisemitisme, Attentat, citoyennete, communaute juive, crime, Demonstration, Drapeau francais, Femme, Femmes, francais, Francaise, French, french flag, fusillade, hommage, identite, Jewish, Jews, judaisme, Juif, Juifs, laicite, Manifestation, marche silencieuse, mixite, mixte, Mohamed Merah, Muslims, Musulman, Musulmane, musulmans francais, Religion, Religions, republique, secularity, shooting, signe republicain, silent walk, SOS Racisme, symbole republicain, Toulouse, tribute, tuerie