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Sumo stories

30 images

by Fabrice Dimier

The best sumo wrestlers are considered half-gods. It's a long way trom the best sumo school clubs where  teenagers try to progress, to professional stamples and tournaments, until reaching the ultimate rank : Yokozuna. 


Nenets, nomadics at the edge of the world

31 images

by Fabrice Dimier

The Nenets people have resisted sedentism for centuries. The reindeer herding nomads are the last guardians of a territory fiercely coveted by the gas industries.


From darkness to light

25 images

by Fabrice Dimier

In a country badly lacking in health establishments and with a record rate of blindness, an ophthalmologic hospital-plane flies to the rescue of the blind and visually impaired.


Putin's little soldiers

18 images

by Fabrice Dimier

They are between the ages of 7 and 14 and come to learn how to fight in the ranks of paramilitary groups during summer camps. These organizations, supported financially by the government, have multiplied in number since Putin came to power.