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Légende : Paris, le 28 avril 2014 - Trois refugies syrien attendent leur rendez-vous devant le service des etrangers de la Prefecture de police de Paris ou ils vont effectuer leur demande d'asile. PHOTO: Vincent NGUYEN / Riva Press ***
*** Paris, FRANCE, April 28, 2014 - Syrian refugees wait near the foreigners office of the Paris prefecture where they will fill their file to ask for an asylum seeker's status. Syrian refugees gather outside a public garden in Saint-Ouen (north of Paris), for weeks. Since April 23, the mayor of the city has close the garden, but the prefecture opened a special office to offer them a very speed procedure to regularise their administrative situation and give them access to social benefits. PHOTO: Vincent NGUYEN / Riva Press

Photographe : Vincent Nguyen

Date : 28-04-2014

Ville : Paris

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : association, association humanitaire, asylum seekers, demandeur d'asile, demandeurs d'asile, droit d'asile, etrangers, Femme, Femmes, humanitarian, prefecture de police de Paris, refugee, Refugees, Réfugiés, Revivre, Saint-Ouen, Syrian, Syrien, Syriens, Woman, Women