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Ref. : RIVA_LUNG_279502

Titre : Beirut

Légende : Yolande (a droite), une camerounaise travaillant au Liban, aide a la distribution de vetements dans le point d'aide improvise Nation Station. Quartier de Geitaoui, Beyrouth, Liban, le 15 aout 2020. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press *** Yolande (right), a women from Cameroon working in Lebanon, lends a hand at clothes distribution on her day off at the Nation Station neighborhood helping point, in the Geitaoui area. Beirut, Lebanon, August 15 2020. © Lucien Lung / Riva-Press

Photographe : Lucien Lung

Date : 15-08-2020

Ville : Beirut

Région :

Pays : Lebanon

Mots-clés : achrafieh, Beirut, benevolat, benevole, Beyrouth, blast, Communaute, distribution, downtown, Explosion, Geitaoui, Geitawi, grass-roots, Help, Humanitaire, humanitarian, lebanon, liban, Solidarite, solidarity