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Titre : Roma Resistance Day in Paris

Légende : Spartacus URSU (center) sings during the Roma Resistance day in Saint-Denis, near Paris (France), on May 17, 2015.
Spartacus URSU, 17, Romani French and Romanian high school student and « concious » hip hop composer and singer. He was, with his younger sister, the heros of the documentary « Spartacus et Casssandra », directed by Ioanis Nuguet. This film, that was screened out of competition at Cannes Festival in 2014, tells the story of these two Romani teenagers, shunted between the streets of Paris where their parents spend their days begging, and the safe haven of a circus where Camille, a 21 years old French trapezist, lives and offers them a future.
« I would like to become a fireman in Marseille because I like discipline and I appreciate the multiculturalism of this city. ». PHOTO Vincent Boisot

Photographe : Vincent Boisot

Date : 17-05-2015

Ville : Saint-Denis

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : Fete de l'insurrection gitane, Insurrection Gitane, Rrom, Rromani, Rromani Resistance Day, rroms