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Titre : Roma Resistance Day in Paris

Légende : Anina CIUCIU, and her younger sister Marie-Amélie CIUCIU (15, Romani Romanian, high school student), pictured during the Roma Resistance day in Saint-Denis, near Paris (France), on May 17, 2015.
Anina CIUCIU, 25, Romani French and Romanian. She holds a Master 2 in private law from the Sorbonne and wishes to enter the Ecole Nationale de Magistrature in Bordeaux to become a magistrate. As the author of « Je suis tzigane et je le reste » (City Editions, 2013) and as a activist at « La Voix des Rroms » in Paris, she has taken a special interest in the questions of integration and education, especially for young Romani women.
« I would like to become a magistrate because i experienced injustice and this is a terrible thing to live, especially when you're a child. Because, where there is no justice, there is not humanity anymore. ». PHOTO Vincent Boisot

Photographe : Vincent Boisot

Date : 17-05-2015

Ville : Saint-Denis

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : Fete de l'insurrection gitane, Insurrection Gitane, Rrom, Rromani, Rromani Resistance Day, rroms