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Titre : Roma Resistance Day in Paris

Légende : BARO SYNTAX pictured during the Roma Resistance day in Saint-Denis, near Paris (France), on May 17, 2015.
BARO SYNTAX, 40, French Romani hip hop composer and singer, famous for his song « Gens du Voyage ».
« I belong to the invisible Roma, those who don't "look like Roma" : they are well integrated, live sedentary, have a job. But nobody know about them, because they are scared of stereotypes and are hiding their Romani culture, which is a pity. As a consequence stereotypes continue again and again. This is what i am trying to change with my music. ». PHOTO Vincent Boisot

Photographe : Vincent Boisot

Date : 17-05-2015

Ville : Saint-Denis

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : Fete de l'insurrection gitane, Insurrection Gitane, Rrom, Rromani, Rromani Resistance Day, rroms