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Titre : Roma Resistance Day in Paris

Légende : Delaine LE BAS pictured during the Roma Resistance day in Saint-Denis, near Paris (France), on May 17, 2015.
Delaine LE BAS, 49, Romani Britsh, multimedia artist and activist. Her works combines embroidery, painting, decoupage, sculptures, installation and performances to explore the questions of migrations, identity, nationhood, racisme, gender and relationships. PHOTO Vincent Boisot

Photographe : Vincent Boisot

Date : 17-05-2015

Ville : Saint-Denis

Région :

Pays : France

Mots-clés : Fete de l'insurrection gitane, Insurrection Gitane, Rrom, Rromani, Rromani Resistance Day, rroms