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Lionel Préau - Capital

Delphine Ernotte, CEO of the France Télévisions Group

Lionel Préau - Le Figaro

Emmanuel Macron presents his method to build a presidential majority

Lionel Préau - Le Figaro

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis at the National Office of the Socialist Party on April 24

Lionel Préau - Jolie

Women's March against Donald Trump in Paris

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

Rembrandt and the billionaire

Vincent Boisot - Le Parisien Magazine

Maison Drucker, the oldest workshop of rattan chairs in France.

Vincent Nguyen - Le Monde

Review of the book by journalist Patricia Tourancheau about the 36, Quai des Orfèvres, the french police HQ in Paris

Lionel Préau - Paris Match

Emmanuel Macron receives an egg on the head at the Agricultural Show

Vincent Boisot - Grazia Netherlands

For its 20th anniversary, the 10th FIMA (International African Fashion Festival) is organized in Agadez by the Nigerien stylist Alphadi.

Vincent Nguyen - Libération

Stolen cocaine at police HQ

Vincent Wartner - M le magazine - Le Monde

With the BLAST Unit who hunts sexual perverts in the subway.

Vincent Boisot - Grazia Germany

For its 20th anniversary, the 10th FIMA (International African Fashion Festival) is organized in Agadez by the Nigerien stylist Alphadi.

Lionel Préau - M Le Monde

The economist Julia Cagé supports Benoît Hamon

Lionel Préau - Le Monde

Penelope Fillon, Thierry Solère and François Fillon during the meeting at La Villette on January 29

Vincent Nguyen - L'Obs

The french young far-right FN electorate

Rijasolo - Causette

The "Famadihana" in Madagascar

Vincent Wartner - La Croix

Aid to the migrants, how low ?

Rijasolo - Paris Match

The loss of the MH 370 flight.

Lionel Préau - Le Monde

Elkabach pushed out

Lionel Préau - L'Obs

François Hollande and Manuel Valls

Vincent Nguyen - Libération

Academic level in France - Pierre de Fermat high school, Toulouse

Vincent Boisot - Almaviva

Three stars chef Yannick Alleno (Pavillon Ledoyen restaurant in Paris) for Almaviva, the lifestyle magazine of Le Figaro.

Lionel Préau - La Croix

François Fillon, elected candidate of the right to the presidential election

Vincent Nguyen - for the Philarmonie de Paris

Demos Orchestra project for the Cité de la Musique, Philarmonie de Paris

Lionel Préau - Mieux Vivre Votre Argent

The remuneration of Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, rejected by the shareholders, ha been marginally reduced by the executive board

Rijasolo - Paris Match

Two French murdered in Madagascar.

Rijasolo - Leica Fotografie International

Story about the city of Ilakaka in South of Madagascar

Lionel Préau - La Croix

Candidates to the primary of the EELV Party for the presidential election, Michèle Rivasi, Cécile Duflot, Yannick Jadot and Karima Delli, the day before the first round

Vincent Nguyen - L'Obs

French tycoon Serge Dassault's former body guard take him to court.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Manuel Valls would prepare for all eventualities, included to participate to the primary of the left if François Hollande would decide to give up

Vincent Boisot - MOYI Magazine

The botanical garden of Kisantu in Democratic Republic of Congo for MOYI, the new African lifestyle magazine.

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Vincent Nguyen - Le Monde

Illustration of a press article about Nathacha Appanah's last book "Tropique de la violence", which takes place in Mayotte.

Vincent Boisot - La Croix

Bamako horse racing

Rijasolo - No Comment Magazine (Madagascar)

Madagascar - Opération Tandroka (Epilogue)

Vincent Nguyen - for Le Monde

French prime minister Manuel Valls and other ministers gather the french government supporter at Colomiers, near Toulouse, south-west of France.

Vincent Nguyen - L'Humanité

Illustration of a press article about Nathacha Appanah's last book "Tropique de la violence", which takes place in Mayotte.

Vincent Nguyen - Libération

Illustration of a press article about Nathacha Appanah's last book "Tropique de la violence", which takes place in Mayotte.

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

El Camino project, which is an El Sistema-inspired music program, offers music instruction to students from elementary schools in Pau (south of France). Music is a part of the regular school day, as each child learns to play a symphony instrument.

Vincent Boisot - DRY Magazine (Denmark)

The Sapeurs of Kinshasa in the 5th issue of Dry Magazine, The Inequality Issue, February 2016. "Dry Magazine is a independently published culture magazine based in Copenhagen and London. It is a publication constantly searching for the odd, exciting and beautiful - seeking to challenge the boundaries of culture."

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Vincent Boisot - Der Spiegel

Paris Attacks - November 2015

Rijasolo - Le Monde

Madagascan sapphire

Vincent Nguyen - M le Magazine du Monde

Cécile Duflot and Barbara Pompili

Rijasolo - No Comment Magazine (Madagascar)

Le quartier des mineurs de la Maison Centrale d'Antanimora

Rijasolo - Le Monde

Madagascar, terminus des cyclones

Vincent Boisot - VSD

Horse races in Bamako

Vincent Nguyen - M le Magazine du Monde

Bruno Gollnisch, far-right National Front

Vincent Nguyen - Books

production of french cheese camembert

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

Every year since 1983, Elite models' agency organizes a worldwilde casting.

Vincent Boisot - TV Magazine

Rémy Pflimlin, president of France Television

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Faouzi Lamdaoui, the embarrassing president's friend

Vincent Nguyen - L'Obs

36 Quai des Orfèvres, central police HQ

Vincent Nguyen - Télérama

What's behind the debate on integration

Vincent Boisot - L'Obs

In February 2015, Bamako hosts the first fashion week in its history.

Vincent Boisot - VSD

In late February 2015, Bamako hosted its first ever fashion week, an impressive achievement in a war-scarred country.

Vincent Nguyen - La Croix

France's tiny economic recovery

Vincent Boisot - TV Magazine

The minister of culture and communication Fleur Pellerin pictured in her office.

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Retrospective 2014: Valérie Trierweiler

Vincent Nguyen - L'Obs

Hollande - Duflot: I love you, neither do I

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Hollande prepare his reelection?

Rijasolo - Capital (Germany)

Karenjy, the Madagascan brand car.

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

Marie de Noailles

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

French jews: thinking of leaving France

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Valérie Trierweiler publishes her new book "Thanks for this moment"

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Montebourg's speech on economic recovery of France

Vincent Boisot - La Vie

Portrait of Alain Lamassoure, member of European Parliament.

Vincent Nguyen - for Le Monde

Far right voters in north of France

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

50th anniversary of french union CFDT

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

National Front win the european elections in France

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Shared gardens in Paris

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Central police HQ in Paris

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Biomass energy industry

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Syrian refugees in Saint-Ouen, north of Paris

Vincent Nguyen - Air France Magazine

Portrait of Korean artist Lee Ufan

Vincent Nguyen - M Le magazine du Monde

Stéphane Ruet, the eye of the Elysée

Vincent Nguyen - General assembly in Liberation

General assembly of the employees of french newspaper Liberation after the shareholders' project and an insulting Email of one of them were known.

Vincent Nguyen - Babayagas

A self-managed and solidarity based retirement home in Montreuil (west suburb of Paris).

Rijasolo - Jeune Afrique

Presidential Election in Madagascar

Vincent Nguyen - Marylise Lebranchu

Portrait of Marylise Lebranchu, French Minister for State Reform, Decentralisation and Public Administration.

Lionel Préau - Le Monde

Demonstration against penalising prostitutes' clients on October 26, 2013 in Paris

Lionel Préau - VSD

François Hollande gained in 18 months the 15kg lost before the election

Tasting at the Agricultural Show 2013

Lionel Préau - Le Monde

Right of birthplace : the UMP Party invites itself on the FN area

Vincent Nguyen - Portrait of Pascal Durand

Portrait of Pascal Durand, outgoing national secretary of the french green party.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Socialist elected sound a cry of alarm

Lionel Préau - Mieux Vivre Votre Argent

Jean-Marc Ayrault and the social pmartners start the negociations on the pension reform

Vincent Nguyen - Les Fraternités monastiques de Jérusalem

Reportage pour La Croix chez les Fraternités monastiques de Jérusalem, moines et moniales installées au coeur de Paris depuis les années 70.

Lionel Préau - Jeune Afrique

Cameroon, the end of immobility ?

Lionel Préau - Jeune Afrique

Paul Biya hopes a renewal of the northern political elite hostile to him

Lionel Préau - Le Monde mensuel

Still Skinhead - Serge Ayoub on May 12 in Paris

Vincent Boisot - MUZE

United Colors of Africa

Vincent Nguyen - "Jérôme Cahuzac les yeux dans les yeux"

Cover of the book by Charlotte Chaffanjon.

Vincent Nguyen - Clément Méric, killed by far right skinheads

Clément Méric, a young antifascist student is killed by far right skinheads in a street of Paris.

Rijasolo - BEEF !

Vanilla from Madagascar

Vincent Boisot - Internazionale (Italy)

Demonstration against gay marriage

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Racist language as "Islam out of France" chanted by demonstrators during a walk organized by the "Réseau identitaire" in Paris

Vincent Boisot - Paris Match

The last elephants in Chad

Lionel Préau - La Croix

Corruption - work exhibited at the Fiac in 2010

Lionel Préau - Challenges

Power struggles undermining the Bercy fortress

Lionel Préau - La Croix

After the confessions of Jérôme Cahuzac, François Hollande announced measures to moralize political life


Lionel Préau - Afrique Magazine

Hélène Conway-Mouret, Junior Minister in charge of French Abroad

Vincent Nguyen - Portrait Mickaël Wamen for Libération

Mickaël Wamen, CGT union representant at Goodyear tire plant in Amiens, north of France

Pierre-Yves Marzin - Comunity police of Guerrero State,

Story produced by the Photoreporter Festival of St-Brieuc.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

François Hollande at the Agricultural Show

Vincent Nguyen - Voix d'elles rebelles

Voix d'elles rebelles: a feminist, mixed and republican association of banlieue, the suburban area of french cities, located in Saint-Denis, north of Paris.

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

Portraits of the Ukrainian founders of the Femen in their Parisian headquarter.

Vincent Nguyen - Jeune Afrique

Loïk Le Floch Prigent

Lionel Préau - Marianne

The 12 taboos ravaging school.

Vincent Peillon, Minister of Education

Lionel Préau - Le Nouvel Observateur

The application of NKM for Paris seems more and more probable

Vincent Boisot - Le Figaro Magazine

Demonstration against same sex marriage.

Vincent Boisot - Marianne

Demonstration against same sex marriage

Lionel Préau - Le Point

Hollande and the Masonic Order, how the Lodges score

Lionel Préau - Stratégies

Hollande's method hard pushed

Lionel Préau - Marianne

François Hollande at the meeting of Le Bourget

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac fights against allegations of secret Swiss account

Vincent Boisot - La Vie

Marisol Touraine, Social Affairs and Healt Minister

Lionel Préau - Marianne

The ecologist minister wonder if they should stay in the government.

Cécile Duflot and François Hollande at the Elysée on June 7, 2012

Vincent Nguyen - ESTONIA: the KGB hotel

During the soviet era, foreign visitors could only sleep at the Viru hotel in Tallinn. The 23d floor was a KGB wiretapping center. Now it's a museum.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

François Hollande causes turmoil also in his majority after the big political move 6 months after his election

Vincent Boisot - Jeune Afrique

Jeune Afrique cover with the dethroned President Laurent Gbagbo

Rijasolo - Revue ZMÀLA

The Famadihana, or exhumation is a pillar in the ancestor's worship specific to Malagasy culture

Rijasolo - No Comment Magazine (Madagascar)

Madagascar - Tromba : Voodoo of Ankazomalaza

Lionel Préau - VSD

Valérie Trierweiler enters at the Elysée after the transfer of power

Vincent Boisot - Le Point

Hattemer is a private school that is not under contract to the government and so has freedom to set its own curriculum and teaching methods.

Lionel Préau - Le Monde

The constrained back to school of Vincent Peillon

Lionel Préau - Marianne

After the transfer of power, François Hollande on the Champs Elysées under waterspouts

Lionel Préau - VSD

UMP - the gang war

Lionel Préau - Le Moniteur

Presidential election : which changes for Construction ?

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Nicolas Sarkozy, "president of the rich" has become the "candidate of the people"

Vincent Boisot -

2012 Presidential election in Senegal

Vincent Nguyen - Sarkozy disintegrate immigration

The candidate president wants to reduce the number of legal immigrants. His main target: The mixed marriages.

Vincent Nguyen - Graduated Non Grata

Portraits of young graduated member of the "Collectif du 31 mai", who fight against the bill of Interior minister Claude Gueant who make it harder for a foreign student graduated to be employed by a company in France.
See also the slideshow on liberation.fr:

Lionel Préau - Be

NKM, best asset of the UMP Party ?

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Produce and buy French - François Bayrou visits the mosaics factory of the Emaux of Briare

Vincent Nguyen - 24h at the Brain damaged unit at the Garches hospital, for La Croix


Vincent Nguyen - ESTONIA, KIHNU: The women's island, for La Vie

This is a tiny Baltic island where live 640 people. Traditionaly, while men are gone fishing, women do everything, thus becoming the keeper of a rich cultural heritage, included to the unmaterial Unesco World heritage.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

Six months before the presidential election, François Hollande is dropping in the polls

Vincent Nguyen - Desdemona, by Toni Morrison; Stage director: Peter Sellars.

Desdemona, a play by Toni Morrison; Stage director: Peter Sellars. At the Theatre des Amandiers in Nanterre, suburb of Paris. With Rokia Traoré and Tina Benko.

Rijasolo - Revue ZMÀLA

Story about the city of Ilakaka in South of Madagascar.

Vincent Boisot - Le Figaro Magazine

The Dakar Fashion Week for the Figaro Magazine.

Vincent Nguyen - Narva, ESTONIA: Russian nostalgia

In Narva, an estonian city located at the russian border, 98% of the population has russian roots.


The last days of a single-classroom in a small village in Burgundy.

Vincent Nguyen - French hip hop radio station Skyrock

French Rap radio station Skyrock's presenters call their listeners to support Pierre Bellanger, the general manager and founder of the first rap radio for young French after he got replaced by Marc Laufer. More than 100 000 messages of support have been sent in less than 24 hours.

Lionel Préau - Marianne

On April 5, Martine Aubry presented "change", 30 priority measures intended to be used by the candidate to the presidential election

Vincent Nguyen - The end of the qadis in Mayotte

The departmentalisation of the tiny french island of the Indian Ocean leads to the end of the Qadis, these local traditional muslim judges.

Vincent Boisot - Le Figaro

The crazy nights of Paris agricultural show.

Rijasolo - Jeune Afrique

"TGV" : Pressed and under pressure

Vincent Boisot - Afrique Magazine

The Ivorian crisis after the second round of the 2010 presidential election.

Vincent Boisot - Libération

The Ivorian crisis after the second round of the 2010 presidential election.

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Tenon hospital Emergency room on strike in Paris

Rijasolo - Burn Magazine

"Miverina" is a photographic essay started in 2004 in Madagascar. See on Burn Magazine

Vincent Boisot - ZAM Africa Magazine

ZAM Africa Magazine publishes Mwimba Texas in its september edition. From arts and culture to politics and entertainment, ZAM is an independant dutch magazine.

Vincent Nguyen - Private Photo Review

Les Franciliens, a portfolio in the Private photo review special issue on France


Vincent Boisot - La Croix

Accused of witchcraft by their families, maltreated and marginalized, several thousand children live in the streets of the Congo?s main towns.

Vincent Boisot - Libération

A young Iranian girl in the train from Tehran to Bandar Abbas. From "Iran Road Trip".

Vincent Boisot - L'Equipe Magazine

In a country where albinos' white skin makes them the target of repeated prejudice, Mwimba Texas has fought to make his dream come true and become a professional wrestling champion.

Vincent Nguyen - "I dared to marry a foreigner"

How hard and shameful is the access to naturalization in France.

Vincent Nguyen - French photographers union congress

UPC's (french artists photographers union) congress in Aubervilliers, north of Paris.

Vincent Nguyen - Islam at hospital

Saïd Ali Koussay, the muslim imam of Avicenne hospital in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), suburb north of Paris.

Rijasolo - Libération

About difficulties of photojournalism.

Vincent Nguyen - The shooting of a docu-drama on the Courjault case

The shooting of a docu-drama by french director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade on the Courjault case, the french mother who killed two of her babies which were found in the family's refrigerator in their house in Seoul. Here in the Tours (center of France) law courts.

Vincent Nguyen - Camping in Paris

The Bois de Boulogne camping in Paris.

Vincent Boisot - Le Figaro Magazine

Report on the only black symphony orchestra in Africa, produced for Le Figaro Magazine.

Lionel Préau - Gala

Rachida Dati, Minister of Justice, leaves her last Cabinet Meeting before a cabinet shuffle

Vincent Boisot - La Vie

The candidate Barack Obama at the Elysee palace.

Vincent Nguyen - Shipyard in La Rochelle

The Gamelin shipyards in La Rochelle, after the director Joël Gamelin comitted suicide.

Vincent Nguyen - for Liberation

One day at the Bois de Vincennes, a forest in Paris, where hundreds of poor people live under camping ents or handmade huts.

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Tibetan spiritual leader, the dalai lama visited France from the 11th to the 23rd august 2008 to give conferences and religious teachings. But the visit turned political as president Nicolas Sarkozy declined to meet him during Beijing Olympics for fear of angering China.

Vincent Capman - Paris Match

In the end of the market, ?gleaners? of a new kind, relying on savings like this to make ends meet, and driven to rummaging through the garbage by their diminished purchasing power.

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

High school students and teachers demonstrations

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

French local elections 2008

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Special feature in Libération: L'Ile de France, daily life in the region around Paris.

Rijasolo - La Croix

About homeless shelter in France.

Rijasolo - Le Pélerin

The last Serbs in Kosovo won't Leave

Lionel Préau - Planète Jeunes

Cycling, Tour of Cameroon

Vincent Nguyen - for Libération

Ramble in the Ecrins national parc in the french Alps. Published in the "Travel" section of Libération.

Vincent Nguyen - Libération

Chambon-le-Château, a village in Lozère, France, has 320 inhabitants, 40 of which are asylum seekers, waiting for the administration's decision as to whether they could stay and live in France or not.

Vincent Nguyen - Libération

North Korea - The Kaesong Industrial Complex. A special economic zone located 7 km from the DMZ where the North Korean dictatorship is undertaking a capitalist experiment financed by South Korea.

Vincent Nguyen - Cols Bleus

Three days at sea aboard a french Navy fregate training at Iroise sea before leaving for a mission in the Persian Gulf.

Lionel Préau - Sport Med'

Practical magazine for Reabilitation and Sports Medicine


A demonstrator with a Tibetan flag during the olympic torch relay through Paris.

Vincent Capman - RACHIDA DATI

Rachida Dati, minister of justice, leaves Elysee palace.


In the Paris markets of Belleville, Porte Montmartre, Vanves and Montreuil, all kinds of foodstuffs are sold on the sidewalk. Often out-of-date, these products get snapped up at unbeatable prices.

Vincent Capman - HARLAN COBEN

the American writer Harlan Coben. Shooting for Paris Match magazine.


Justine and Nicolas have been living in the street for four months. In winter they are in bad situation.


Camilla Lackberg, swedish autor, poses at Stockholm.


Exclusive: wings of the famous underwear brand shooting.

Vincent Capman - THE EVANGELISTS

Evangelists change the world of religion.


In order to help students from difficult backgrounds, the governement creates special boarding schools. The first opened in Sourdun in Seine et Marne.


Several times a year, Chinese couples from the province of Tianjin in China come to the town of Tours in France, where they are married by local mayor

Vincent Capman - The new priests

To make up for the dwindling numbers of religious vocations, new priests are arriving from Africa, Asia and India to oversee churches in France. They are often young, and face the difficult task of injecting some life into the country’s aging parishes. It is as if, after centuries of evangelization, these new missionaries have been sent to rekindle faith in the European bush.

Rijasolo - Brest - Diego Suarez : Harbours at the other side of the world.

Portfolio about Brest and Diego-Suarez port in French and Malagasy language (assignment from General Council of Finistère).

Rijasolo - Portrait Tangui Perron

Portait of Tangui PERRON, writer, for "L'Art à l'Ouest" issue.