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Riva Press is 10 - Lucien Lung

1 images

by Lucien Lung

Riva Press is 10 ! Here's our flashback on a decade of collective adventure : 8 photographers, 8 points of view on the world around us, on tracks by Rijasolo.


Pyrrhus (Mosul, Iraq - 2017)

32 images

by Lucien Lung


Editorial Portraits  •  2016-2017

10 images

by Lucien Lung

Editorial portraits, on assignment.


Sidelines  •  2017

8 images

by Lucien Lung

Edges of the frontline.


The Exiles  •  2015

23 images

by Lucien Lung

First "official" Syrian refugees arriving in France late 2014, Motaz, Zuher and others discover Paris, Cergy, and the French administration..


Occupy Hong Kong - The Umbrella Revolution  •  October 2014

45 images

by Lucien Lung

Late September 2014, Hong Kong people took to the streets and occupied the city center to call for free and open elections of the territory's chief executive. Although the protest lasted 3 months, Bejing didn't move.


The Collectors  •  December 2013

7 images

by Lucien Lung

There are all types of collectors.

The one that collects old typewriters, coat hangers, objects that belonged to Napoleon, tanks, everything related to Mona Lisa, or even skulls...