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Riva Press is 10 - Vincent BOISOT

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by Vincent Boisot

Riva Press is 10 ! Here's our flashback on a decade of collective adventure : 8 photographers, 8 points of view on the world around us, on tracks by Rijasolo.


Agadez Catwalk  •  December 2016

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by Vincent Boisot

For its 20th anniversary, the 10th FIMA (International African Fashion Festival) is organized in the traditional wrestling arena of Agadez by the Nigerien stylist Alphadi, under close military protection.


1st Bamako Fashion Week  •  February 2015

26 images

by Vincent Boisot

In late February 2015, Bamako hosted its first ever fashion week, an impressive achievement in a war-scarred country. The joyful, family atmosphere championed creators from all over Mali, and many well-known West African labels came to take part and support the latest African fashion week.


Ghetto dandies  •  2015 - 2016

47 images

by Vincent Boisot

Tartan kilts, skirts, wide-leg pants by Yohji Yamamoto, clothes made in the Congo entirely from paper... the sapeur's wardrobe is resolutely eccentric in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The elegant art of dressing known as SAPE (which stands for the Society of Ambiance-makers and Elegant people) may have started in Brazzaville on the other side of the majestic Congo River, but since arriving in Kinshasa back in the 1960s, it has taken on its own special flavor.


Horse racing in Bamako  •  2015

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by Vincent Boisot

On Sundays in Bamako, it is also the day of horse races. In the racecourse of the capital, from December till July, hundreds of people gather to follow three weekly departures: the small horses, the half-cracks and the cracks.


El Camino Orchestra  •  June 2016

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by Vincent Boisot

El Camino project, which is an El Sistema-inspired music program, offers music instruction to students from elementary schools in Pau (south of France). Music is a part of the regular school day, as each child learns to play a symphony instrument.


Mwimba Texas, wrestler and philanthropist  •  February 2010

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by Vincent Boisot

In a country where albinos' white skin makes them the target of repeated prejudice, Mwimba Texas has fought to make his dream come true and become a professional wrestling champion. From wrestling in the ring to defending the rights of the albino community, his life is a story of hope, courage and Congolese resourcefulness.


Mode in Africa  •  July 2011

22 images

by Vincent Boisot

The 9th Fashion Week in Dakar in July was attended by twenty creators from around the continent. An opportunity to plunge into African fashion, driven by the creativity and dynamism of a region of the world where elegance is still a way of life.


Kinshasa, An heroic symphony  •  June 2009

37 images

by Vincent Boisot

Ten years of war and corruption have transformed ?Kin la belle? into ?Kin la poubelle? (or ?trash can?). But nothing can diminish its reputation as Africa?s musical capital. Renowned throughout the continent for its energy, its creativity and its music for dancing the night away, Kinshasa has also given birth to an astonishing musical line-up ? the only black symphony orchestra in Africa.