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Honest heroes make up an indigenous police force  •  2012

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by Pierre-Yves Marzin

In Mexico, in the State of Guerrero, in the south of the country, the Policia de la Montaña has succeeded in bringing down the rate of crime, thefts, rapes and kidnapping. It has also significantly discouraged drug trafficking. The unofficial police force employs close to 800 policemen, spread over 77 communities, making up for the absence of federal police, very corrupt.. The indigenous justice system is based on re-education rather than punishment.


The fight against transgenic crops  •  2009

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by Pierre-Yves Marzin

In Paraguay, a group of small-scale farmers are combating foreign multinationals intensive farming. Despite support from the state, their leader, Tomas Zayas Roa is the target of death threats.