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for La Croix - Vincent Nguyen

The harkis of Bias' camp in the Lot-et-Garonne, south-west of France

assignment for Les Echos Week-End - Vincent Nguyen

Modem leader Franois Bayrou in his town of Pau, south-west of France

For Femmes ici et ailleurs - Vincent Wartner

The good fairies of Saint-Georges

Le Journal du Dimanche - Lionel Prau

On the Champs Elysees after the qualification of France for the final

Citizen perception of the Authority in Malagasy rural areas. - Rijasolo

In Madagascar, 78% of the population lives in the countryside. Who represents and holds power in these rural areas?

Point de Vue - Vincent Boisot

Portrait of Adeline d'Hermy in the garden of the Palais Royal in Paris.

Figaroscope - Lionel Prau

Picnic at the Prix de Diane