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Famille Chrétienne - Vincent Boisot

Permaculture at Bec Hellouin farm (France).

Adeline d'Hermy - Vincent Boisot

The actress Adeline d'Hermy for Le Parisien Magazine

Tom Enders, Airbus Group CEO - Vincent Nguyen

Assignment for Handelsblatt (Germany).

assignment for Travail & Sécurité - Vincent Nguyen

Car depollution, dismantling and recycling company in Gaillac (south west of France)

Portrait of Xavier Patier - Vincent Nguyen

Portrait of Xavier Patier, french writer and senior official, in his house in the south west of France.

Labour laws protest in Paris - Vincent Boisot

People demonstrates in Paris to protest the French government's proposed reforms in labour laws.

Permaculture - Vincent Nguyen

A professional training of permaculture given by the Popular university of permaculture and "The little vegetable forest" of Jean-Gabriel Pelissou in Albi (south-west of France), a professional vegetable farmer who works according to the dictates of permaculture and agroforestry

Portrait of Agathe Roubaud - Vincent Nguyen

Portrait of Agathe Roubaud, co-president of the Popular university of Permaculture, here in the agricultural school of Lavaur-Flamarens (south-west of France).