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Capital - Lionel Préau

Delphine Ernotte, CEO of the France Télévisions Group

Emmanuel Macron in Albi - Vincent Nguyen

Emmanuel Macron holds his last meeting before the second round of the presidential election in Albi, south-west of France.

Emmanuel Macron in Châtellerault - Vincent Nguyen

Emmanuel Macron, candidate for the second round of the french presidential election holds a meeting in Ch?tellerault (Vienne) a middle size town center west of France.

MANIFESTATION 1er Tour #NuitDesBarricades - Vincent Wartner

Le 23 avril 2017. Paris, France. Manifestation - Place de la Bastille. #NuitDesBarricades s'oppose à l'élection présidentielle en appelant au boycott. Des incidents ont eu lieu après l'annonce des premiers résultats.

Sanch procession in Perpignan - Vincent Boisot

As every Good Friday since 1416, Penitents parade during the Sanch religious procession in Perpignan.


Thousand supporters of the opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) gather in the street of Johannesburg to protest against President Jacob ZUMA's politics and to demand him to step down.